Recent Sculpture

I completed the sculpture, titled Tsunami, in June 2017. It is the most recent piece from a series of clay sculptures that I produced to reflect and address the sense of chaos and instability we have experienced over the last year, particularly in the US.

I became interested in using clay in 2007, after a long period focusing on the expressive nature of the human body using wax as a building material. If there was one overriding theme behind the wax figures, it was “how to deal with the unforeseen.” The figures were self-contained without a reference to location or place. Through the clay sculptures, I wanted to address that “place,” and began by mimicking architectural forms and structures. I enjoy the tension that arises as I impose a structure upon a material that resists and forces an unsettling compromise as a condition of its use. There is always a wonderful balance to mitigate between the will to impose and the need to concede.